A Virtuous Slut: The Guy I Bonded With Even Though He Compares Himself To Sartre’s No Exit (Where “Hell Is Other People”)

I honestly cant remember the first night I slept with Garcin, even though it was just six days ago. Garcin says he didnt slip anything in my drink and I believe him because we were friends before we became Friends Who Have Sex With Each Other And Then Engage In A Tumultuous Relationship. Sometimes you … Continue reading

16 Ways To Redeem Yourself For Liking Miranda July

For those of you I actually talk to, you know Ive been dating a guy ever since I drunkenly slept with him last month and had to ask him the next morning if we actually had sex. For those of you I don’t talk to, Ive been dating a guy since I drunkenly slept with … Continue reading

19th Century Philosophy That Will Creep You Out While Turning You On

From Kierkegaard’s Diary Of A Seducer: “I am a good-natured person who came like a knight to the aid of a young girl, and I can also press your hand in a way that is anything but good-natured.”                      (hawt) “I promise she shall remember the … Continue reading