I Came, I Saw, I Judged: Enter The Void aka The New Film From The Dude Who Directed That One Monica Bellucci Movie With The Nine Minute Rape Scene

  This movie is for people who: named Chapter 2 of their autobiography “Mommy Issues” named Chapter 3 of their autobiography “Daddy Issues” have incestuous (albeit endearing) tendencies enjoy taking psychedelic mushrooms enjoy taking acid enjoy taking ecstasy enjoy taking Robitussin enjoy taking DMT enjoy taking GHB enjoy taking LOL enjoy Hello Kitty fancy themselves … Continue reading

I Came, I Saw, I Judged: Christopher Nolan’s Inception [MINDFONDLE]

YO. All I gots to say is that Christopher Nolan has now saved me thousands of dollars. Because I no longer have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to have a therapist help me sift through my “issues”. Now all I gotta do to help me deal with my Angst is watch Inception. Inception was … Continue reading

I Went To Comic-Con, Dont Be Jelly

objective: check out the photo diary for Comic-Con 2010 and relive the magic.  San Diego is America’s 58th finest city for many reasons. I can think of three and a half:  America’s Next Top Model auditions are held here aka San Diegans are hotter than most people. We have bombass taco shops that are open 24 hours. And BAM! … Continue reading

CHRIS NOLAN OR DIE: A Look At The Filmmaker’s Resume, Including Reasons Why This Brit Is Better Than You

objective: in honor of the theatrical release of Christopher Nolan’s Inception, we take a look at the writer/director’s resume in order to remind you why this Brit is better than you. Like, waaay better. #britidliketofuck #wishiwerebritish FOLLOWING (1999) Nolan writes the script and directs Life. So boring, right? Sometimes, the only way to spice things up is … Continue reading

Professor Benjamin Shaeffer is kind of a big deal

Professor Benjamin Shaeffer is kind of a big deal and he doesnt wanna get a real job.  the philosophy professor sat down with Symposium Says’ very own ex-stuffed animal collector to answer some questions… Benjamin, tell me, how does it feel to be kind of a big deal? [laughs] It feels pretty big. What’s your sign? Yield. … Continue reading

Daniel Touchet Is kind of a big deal

Daniel Touchet is kind of a big deal and he’s not afraid of semicolons. the young man sat down with Symposium Says’ very own soren to answer some questions…    So Daniel, how does it feel to be kind of a big deal?  Thanks. It’s kind of like deciding which salad dressing you want at a restaurant; you … Continue reading

Paul Allen Elected To kind of a big deal Senate, Bateman Out

Investment banker Paul Allen was elected to the kind of a big deal senate this morning. The slickster joins fellow kindaBD senate members Eli Cash, Agent Smith, Trent Reznor,  and an Urbn Outfitters model, along with other superior people. While Mr. Allen’s resume just got that much sweeter, his bff Patrick Bateman will no longer … Continue reading