The Prudence Diaries: The Guy I Would Have Bonded With Over Bikes Had I Not Been Such An Uptight Over-analytical Bitch

Im on the trolley, sitting at the end of the cart with my bike. I have my hoodie on in order to shut out the rest of the world. The rest of the world, that is…except for him… Tall, blonde, and fully equipped with a vintage Peugeot road bike, Bike Boy gets on the trolley … Continue reading

Am I My Bicycle?

Objective: To find out if the image/condition of my bike is symbolic of my True Self, kinda like how the plastic bag in the wind in American Beauty is symbolic of Life/Art/Selfhood/NaturevsMan/ThePlotOfMulhollandDrive.  I was waiting for the trolley this morning and this guy who looks like a hip Cheech cowboy who probly knows Quentin Tarantino, … Continue reading