Chris Nolan And Larry David Collaborate On INCEPTION DVD Release

The highly anticipated DVD/blu ray release of Inception is slated for [insert date here]. Details of the special features discs are slowly being released. symposium says has learned that viewers will have the option to include a Zooey Deschanel decapitation in one of Arthur’s dreams during the movie. She serves as one of his projections/baggage … Continue reading

Hold Up, Bjork Just Got Polite

“Excuuuuuuse me, but I just have to explooooode.” – Pluto Join the Bjork Rave here:

Hold Up, Kanye WesT Just Turned Us Down For A Hotel Room

“You wanna check into The Heartbreak Hotel, but sorry we’re closed.” – Paranoid

Hold Up, Cut Copy Just Got Emo

“Seems like every chance I take, brings me only closer to being far away.” – Nobody Lost, Nobody Found Compare Life’s Difficulties: