I Came, I Saw, I Judged: Enter The Void aka The New Film From The Dude Who Directed That One Monica Bellucci Movie With The Nine Minute Rape Scene

happy hour 5-9.


This movie is for people who:

named Chapter 2 of their autobiography “Mommy Issues”

named Chapter 3 of their autobiography “Daddy Issues”

have incestuous (albeit endearing) tendencies

enjoy taking psychedelic mushrooms

enjoy taking acid

enjoy taking ecstasy

enjoy taking Robitussin

enjoy taking DMT

enjoy taking GHB

enjoy taking LOL

enjoy Hello Kitty

fancy themselves movie, or, um, “film” snobs

always appreciate a French nose on a dude

are interested in The Tibetan Book Of The Dead

like 2001: A Space Odyssey

enjoy  groundbreaking voyeuristic camerawork

want an “experience” at the movie theater…the kind that makes you go
“whoa” and inspires you so much you update your facebook about it

cant find a babysitter and need the kids to shut the fuck up for three hours



"does this mirror make me look fat?"


To put it simply, director Gaspar Noe has balls. Some very avant-garde balls. And to think I thought John Woo was being groundbreaking by switching John Travolta’s face with Nic Cage’s…Totally go check out Enter The Void, man. And then fbook/tweet me about it.




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