19th Century Philosophy That Will Creep You Out While Turning You On

From Kierkegaard’s Diary Of A Seducer:

“I am a good-natured person who came like a knight to the aid of a young girl, and I can also press your hand in a way that is anything but good-natured.”                   



“I promise she shall remember the situation. No impatience, no greediness, everything will be savoured in slow draughts; she is earmarked and she will no doubt be brought in.”


(getting earmarked, brb)

“Now we are acquainted…You will hardly stay here more than an hour; within two hours I shall know who you are – why else do you think the police keep census rolls?”


(Kierky needs a facebook)

“These days, when I cannot be with her in person whenever I want, the thought has troubled me that it might occur to her at some moment to consider the future. So far, that hasn’t happened; I have been too good at drugging her aesthetically.”


(I only drink alcohol and snort aesthetics)

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