Chris Nolan And Larry David Collaborate On INCEPTION DVD Release

The highly anticipated DVD/blu ray release of Inception is slated for [insert date here]. Details of the special features discs are slowly being released. symposium says has learned that viewers will have the option to include a Zooey Deschanel decapitation in one of Arthur’s dreams during the movie. She serves as one of his projections/baggage since she chopped off his dick in 500 Days Of Summer. It’s a pretty cool scene – Arthur totally chops off her head but her blue and white vintage dress remains spotless. Ben Gibbard remains sad and writes a song about it.

In addition to including the option to watch Zooey get her head sliced off, the Inception DVD/blu ray will also feature the theme song from Larry David’s hit CBS show, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Apparently, David and Nolan partied together back when they were students at Cambridge (ya know, that one British school where you cant walk on the grass). They were both pursuing their degrees in How To Be Better Than All Of You. (Interesting fact: Kanye West is a recent alumnus of the same program.)

David was kind enough to tell iamnotadj how the Curb theme song would be used in Inception:


“Throughout the entire movie, Edith Piaf’s Non, je ne Regrette Rien is used as a signal to Cobb and his crew to wake up from their dreams. Piaf’s song fits nicely with Hans Zimmer’s taut score. However, for a song that’s supposed to signal or warn people to soon wake up from their dreams, such a song should be more startling, blaring…obnoxious even – just like an alarm clock. So, that’s where the Curb theme song comes in: it will be the song heard by Cobb and his team, right before the kick. And it should be pretay, pretay, pretay, pretay good.”


So there you have it. The theme song from Curb Your Enthusiasm will replace Edith Piaf’s Non, je ne Regrette Rien in the Inception DVD/blu ray. Here’s the kick:


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