I Went To Comic-Con, Dont Be Jelly

objective: check out the photo diary for Comic-Con 2010 and relive the magic. 

San Diego is America’s 58th finest city for many reasons. I can think of three and a half:  America’s Next Top Model auditions are held here aka San Diegans are hotter than most people. We have bombass taco shops that are open 24 hours. And BAM! Yogurt Mill. Plus we have like tons of McDonalds and most of them have the cool Playgrounds with the slides. One of San Diego’s most prized features, however, is being the home to Comic-Con – the world’s largest gathering of Pokemons and ewoks. Symposium Says’ black kate moss  joined thousands in downtown San Diego this weekend for the meaningful comic and arts celebration. Here’s her photo diary documenting her time at the special event:

I waited in line for 6 hours for this one of a kind Star Trek Spock poster. Note the custom made ripped-in-halfness  of the exterior. I even had it signed by the guy who was handing them out! thanks, Fred!



I stood in line for 3 hours so I could snatch this old-school Michael Meyers cutout. It’s vintage cardboard (circa 2008).



I was in line for only two hours for this goodie. But it’s the cover of ELLE magazine with my fave ungrateful twat, KStew, striking a pose. I totally want that outfit, whered you get it, Kristen? This piece is also vintage (circa June 2010). 



I was in the bathroom walking to a stall and I saw some dumb chick’s giant bag on the floor outside of her stall. I noticed Michael C. Hall’s face on a dvd and I was like “ooooohmygod, I still dont own Six Feet Under and I totally want it” so I just jacked her dvd and put it in my purse. When I was in line for some nachos, I realized the dvd was Michael C. Hall’s OTHER show – The One That’s Not Six Feet Under. :/ So fuck that. Im ebaying that shit. hit me up, my username is christianshelby.



I camped out the night before to get a good spot in line to snatch this dvd. Razor Ramon who? Diesel who? D-Generation X who? Yeah, suck it. It’s always been about HBK Shawn Michaels. xxxo. His theme song, ‘Sexy Boy,’ is my ringtone.



Probly the best Comic-Con souvenir of ALL TIME. ALL TIME: a stuffed animal ewok. It’s a certified Wicket, yo! I had to beat up a little 9 year old brat for this one AND sleep with his dad but it was totes worth it. #neverforgetbattleofendor



A definite highlight of my Comic-Con experience was meeting the famous Mexican wrestler, El Tigre Mas Macho! I spotted him while we were waiting in line for the Full House panel. He told me he’s Team Mary-Kate Olsen “even though her first name is hyphenated” and that “Ashley is a prissy bitch.” Ya know, Ive always suspected that and Im glad El Tigre Mas Macho could confirm this. Taco Bell, holla!



Ive never really been “star-struck” before cuz Im not really impressed by overpaid theater kids. Plus, Im jealous of how good looking actors are. #wishihadclearerskinandperfectass Anyway, all that stubbornness and envy was thrown out the window once I met the stunt double for that black guy from The Office. Not Jim. The Other Black Guy, I forget his name. But his stunt-double was so nice! His smile looks so genuine. Everyone’s just super stoked to be at Comic-Con!



Have you guys heard of this movie called Donnie Darko? The film raises the issue of how the dreams in which Im dying are the best Ive ever had. Jake hey Gyllenhaal won an Oscar for Sexiest Boy In A Hoodie, so check that shit out. Anyway, the writer/director of Donnie Darko is Richard Kelly. He also wrote and directed The Box, which stars Cameron Diaz and The Poor Man’s James Franco. It was released in theaters last year and flopped. Whatevs though, I got a cool Box keychain. It’s gonna look sweet once it’s attached to my carabiner! 



I entered my name in a raffle at the Thor panel and I won! Im pretty sure Natalie Portman touched this, homygod. Best. AJAX. Ever. 



After all the Comic-Con craziness, I walked around downtown San Diego and headed over to my Lord and Savior, Urbn Outfitters. Needed some alone time so that I could admire myself in Poor Quality Overpriced Dresses I Cant Afford. I did, however, find a sweet bargain: a Venus de Milo bank for only $9.99. What up now, Louvre? Not feelin too hot anymore huh? Youre stuck in dirty Paris with an oversized Venus and Im in sunny San Diego with my very own Venus AND I went to Comic-Con! dont be jelly. 

Thinking of placing Venus on my nightstand, right beneath my Spock poster…

Comic-Con 2010 was an uber success! Live Long and Holla.

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