Need Architect To Help Perform Inception

So a Mr. Charles contacted Symposium Says over the weekend. He wanted soren to create a craigslist ad for a special job he and his team would be performing in the near future. Mr. Charles has received plenty of replies to the ad, however, he says most of them are either forgers or chemists, which are jobs that have already been filled. The architect job is still open. The architects who have responded to the ad, he says, simply have boring names like Mark, Ann or Jennifer.  Ideally, Mr. Charles would like a master architect with a name that’s reminiscent of greek mythology. Contact Mr. Charles by responding to the craigslist ad, or you can reach soren at The link to the ad is here but the text to the ad can be read below:


Here’s your opportunity to take advantage of pure creativity – from the skies above the snowy Alps to the bottom of a tycoon’s wool-carpeted floor.

Our dream team so far is four members: an expert dream extractor, a forger, a chemist and another dude who’s super super smart. We are currently looking for a fifth member to complete our team: an architect.

Obviously, as the architect, you will be in charge of designing the dream space that our team will enter. In designing these dream worlds, you are expected to construct elaborate mazes, marked by sinuous routes to help ward off agitated projections. Must excel in paradoxical architectural design.

Ideally we are looking for an architect with a sharp, immaculate wardrobe; however, we are able to provide slick outfitting as needed, courtesy of GQ. A background in Jungian dream analysis is a plus.

Details of the inception that we are hoping to perform cannot be discussed here on such a public forum. But you should know that this particular job will involve a male model who is really really ridiculously good looking. Consequently, exceptional design creativity and detail with runways, cameras, mirrors and mermans is desirable.

Lastly: you musnt be afraid to dream a little bigger, dahling.

If you meet the qualifications listed above and you have a cool unique name, contact Mr. Charles at

2 Responses to “Need Architect To Help Perform Inception”
  1. Presumptuous Owl says:

    Have you seen Bronson? Tom Hardy’s in that and he looks badass. I’m going to see it posthaste.

  2. soren says:

    I have yet to see Bronson. I was gonna get totally faded tonight but I think I’m now gonna stay in and watch me some Tom Hardy. Thanks for the reminder, Presumptuous Owl.

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