I Came, I Saw, I Judged: Christopher Nolan’s Inception [MINDFONDLE]

YO. All I gots to say is that Christopher Nolan has now saved me thousands of dollars. Because I no longer have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to have a therapist help me sift through my “issues”. Now all I gotta do to help me deal with my Angst is watch Inception. Inception was … Continue reading

I Went To Comic-Con, Dont Be Jelly

objective: check out the photo diary for Comic-Con 2010 and relive the magic.  San Diego is America’s 58th finest city for many reasons. I can think of three and a half:  America’s Next Top Model auditions are held here aka San Diegans are hotter than most people. We have bombass taco shops that are open 24 hours. And BAM! … Continue reading

Reading People’s Facebook Status Updates And Judging Them

I joined facebook kinda late. I created my account in November 2008 during my senior year of college. It was during Thanksgiving break and I stayed in town while all four of my friends went back home to eat turkey. I had one semester left of college and then Id be moving back home, 14 … Continue reading

Need Architect To Help Perform Inception

So a Mr. Charles contacted Symposium Says over the weekend. He wanted soren to create a craigslist ad for a special job he and his team would be performing in the near future. Mr. Charles has received plenty of replies to the ad, however, he says most of them are either forgers or chemists, which are … Continue reading

CHRIS NOLAN OR DIE: A Look At The Filmmaker’s Resume, Including Reasons Why This Brit Is Better Than You

objective: in honor of the theatrical release of Christopher Nolan’s Inception, we take a look at the writer/director’s resume in order to remind you why this Brit is better than you. Like, waaay better. #britidliketofuck #wishiwerebritish FOLLOWING (1999) Nolan writes the script and directs Life. So boring, right? Sometimes, the only way to spice things up is … Continue reading

Professor Benjamin Shaeffer is kind of a big deal

Professor Benjamin Shaeffer is kind of a big deal and he doesnt wanna get a real job.  the philosophy professor sat down with Symposium Says’ very own ex-stuffed animal collector to answer some questions… Benjamin, tell me, how does it feel to be kind of a big deal? [laughs] It feels pretty big. What’s your sign? Yield. … Continue reading

The Prudence Diaries: The Guy I Would Have Bonded With Over Bikes Had I Not Been Such An Uptight Over-analytical Bitch

Im on the trolley, sitting at the end of the cart with my bike. I have my hoodie on in order to shut out the rest of the world. The rest of the world, that is…except for him… Tall, blonde, and fully equipped with a vintage Peugeot road bike, Bike Boy gets on the trolley … Continue reading

Hold Up, Bjork Just Got Polite

“Excuuuuuuse me, but I just have to explooooode.” – Pluto Join the Bjork Rave here: