Do You Believe In Life After Twilight?

objective: to find out what there is to Live For once all the Twilight movies have come out in theaters.


First, a poem I wrote while sitting under a eucalyptus tree during a sunset:


Edward, Bella.

Edward, Bella.

Edward Edward.




Twilight: Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight series, comes out in theaters June 30th. homigod. Technically, the Twilight series consists of Four Major Chapters, considering that Stephanie Meyer wrote four books for the Twilight story. But, lucky for us viewers, as well as the movie studio’s pockets, the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, will be released as two movies. Therefore, we will have at least two more Events To Look Forward To after the theatrical release of Eclipse.

Although totally stoked for the upcoming Twilight movies, I also want to prepare myself for Life After Twilight. Such preparation is desired because Im a total sensie and I do not have a Significant Other. So I escape the meaninglessness of my life by sitting alone in the dark at a movie theater, identifying with Angelina Jolie movies and Twilight movies. But, it is only a matter of time until the End Of The Twilight Movie Experience and Im sure the Twilight dvd experience will be subpar to the theatrical experience. Still too poor for a bluray player. :/

Is there Life After Twilight? I hope so. Here are some possible Things To Look Forward To during Life After Twilight:

The Arrested Development movie

More Angelina Jolie movies

More Christopher Nolan movies

More Radiohead albums

Sex and The City parts 3 & 4

Meeting hotties at the bar and gittin free drinks

Being skinny

Finding out more reasons how Stars Are Just Like Us

More Joseph Gordon-Epic movies

Excelling in Grad School

Affording clothes from American Apparel once they start utilizing sweat shops

Edward poking me on facebook

More South Park episodes

More George Clooney movies

Playing Cranium and annihilating the other teams

Watching E!’s Red Carpet Fashion shows

Dancing with friends

The sequels to Zoolander and Pootie Tang

Upgrading my cell phone to one that’s slimmer than yours

Kanye’s Next Outburst

A possible Twilight tv series

Improving my vocabulary

Almost having sex

Planning my Halloween costumes

Doin karaoke

Judging people

Bettering my relationship with my dad

Gittin high before class

Gittin buzzed at bar-mitzvahs

Gittin drunk at weddings

Gittin crunk at concerts

Gittin faded at a stranger’s house

Using my financial aid money to buy a Wii and the new Mario Kart game

Beating all my friends when we play Mario Kart

Going on Fun First Dates and being told “Ill call you” and then not getting a phone call

Shopping at Forever 25, Urbn and thrift stores

Telling people Im over Apples To Apples because Im bored with the judges who think theyre so amusing in being  ironic/absurd when they pick the cards that do not make sense 

Watching RobPatz and K-Stew’s kid grow up in the tabloids, kinda like Suri Cruise

Admiring myself in the mirror

Riding my bike


Obama Change

Feeling conflicted about The Male Gaze because it makes me feel like an Object, but at least a Good Looking One

Watching VH1’s first segment of I Love The 2000s

More Leonardo DiCaprio movies

Watching my Curb dvds


…that’s all I can think of right now. Reminding myself of possible Things To Look Forward To After Twilight makes me feel a little better. Now I kinda have Obama Hope for Life After Twilight…

just bein' artsy and exercisin' with edward


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