I Came, I Saw, I Judged: Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere

This movie isnt out yet, but I just saw the trailer:

The title of the movie is pretty deep: Somewhere. Somewhere. Where? Maybe over there? Or over here? It’s somewhere, but really anywhere, because youll see yourself in the main character of the movie and be like “hey I just wanna be accepted too” and this similarity will make you join the character on his journey of Finding Out Who He Really Is. Youll be right there with him. Somewhere.

Dakota Fanning’s younger sister is in the movie too. Her name is The Prettier Fanning Girl. At least Dakota gets to be in the Twilight movies so what up now, Prettier Fanning Girl? Huh? Huh? Yeah, you got nothin. Shut up.

I play the precocious daughter who sets her dad straight/changes his fucking life


Seems like Sofia Coppola has a thing for delicate blondes. First Kirsten Dunst, then Scarlett (pre-curves) and now The Prettier Fanning Girl. Still hate K-Dunce cuz Im jelly she dated Jake Gyllenhaal back in the day. I will not bring it on, Kirsten Dunst.

go snort some coke, K-Dunce and get away from my man, Donnie Darko


Ill go see this movie just for the sake of judging a Sofia Coppola film…but it seems sorta pre-packaged to Start A Comeback for Stephen Dorff and I dont know if the guy deserves a comeback. I dont even know if he was even ever here to leave and come back to. I just know him as the bad guy from the first Blade movie. But whatev, Sofia Coppola. First you wanna name your newborn, Cosima and now you wanna start the Stephen Dorff Comeback. We’ll see…

Stephen Dorff fighting Blade in that one other vampire movie without Edward

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