Which Curb Your Enthusiasm Character Are You?

Objective: To find out which Curb Your Enthusiasm character best reflects your True Self.


Choose the description that best describes yourself:

a) Im hella fat. But funny. (You know, gotta make up for being fat).

b) Im hella loud. And Im not afraid to use the fucking f word.

c) I get by on my looks and my biggest concern is not knowing what to do with the millions and millions of dollars my husband brings home.

d) Im 12 years old and collect dolls. Preferably dolls with heads attached to them.

e) Im hella tall and had a camera strapped to my head when I guest starred in Arrested Development.

f) I did too many drugs back in the day and now serve as my “best” friend’s punching bag. But I can at least pay the bills by starring in said friend’s uber successful HBO show.

g) Im over 80 years old but I have really kewl thick framed glasses.

h) Im a black female comedian.

i) Im a black male who lives with Larry David.

j) I have a wide vagina.

k) Im pretay, pretay, pretay, pretay funny.

who am i?


if you chose a, you are Jeff Greene.

if you chose b, you are Susie Greene.

if you chose c, you are Cheryl David.

if you chose d, you are Sammy Greene.

if you chose e, you are Marty Funkhouser. 

if you chose f, you are Richard Lewis.

if you chose g, you are Larry’s dad.

if you chose h, you are Wanda Sykes.

if you chose i, you are Leon.

if you chose j, you are Jeff’s ex.

if you chose k, you are Larry David. And you should probly call me.

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