I Let My Friend Borrow Trainspotting And She Didn’t Even Care To Finish It. Should I Still Talk To Her?

Objective: To find out if my supposed friend who disliked the movie Trainspotting so much she couldn’t even finish it, is even worth my time, or if I should just pretend to be her friend and just talk shit about her behind her back.


Trainspotting. Enough said, right? The Opening Scene, the soundtrack, the excellent ensemble cast fronted by chameleon Scotsman Ewan McGregor. The lighthearted/tragic/fun ride we take in Danny Boyle’s richly visual Must-See. And that’s my point: that Trainspotting IS a Must-See. It even says so on the dvd case!

You don’t have to “agree with it”, you don’t have to like it on a level where you highly recommend it. Heck, don’t even buy it on sale at Best Buy. But Just Watch It.

I have a friend from work. We’ll exchange movies with each other. A little “hey you should see this” or “hey do you have this movie?” And I end up saving money and even checking out a movie I may have never heard of otherwise (History Boys eg). So my friend comes over one night and checks out The DVD Collection. She picks two dvds to borrow: Trainspotting and Empire Records. Both movies are Stellar (duh, theyre in my Collection), but I have to say, I have more luv for Trainspotting if I had to choose between the two. Choose Life. Choose a Prius. Choose Trainspotting.

When my friend comes across my Trainspotting dvd and sees hey baby Ewan McGregor on the cover doing his best early 90s Calvin Klein Choose Anorexia model pose, she’s compelled to ask me about the movie. “What’s it about?” she inquires. I tell her it’s about Ewan and his friends and how theyre addicted to heroin and you see all the fun/trouble they have. And that it’s really funny, with great music in it. She’s down to check it out and takes it home.

"what's ur sign? what's ur situation? can i getcho numba? fbook me!"


I see her at work a few days later. She has my dvds for me. She tells me Empire Records was “okay” (wtf). I ask her what she thought of Trainspotting aka the third greatest movie ever. She smirks. She tells me she didn’t finish it because she didn’t want to. She just “didn’t like it” and didn’t care to see the whole movie. Her remarks make me wonder which scene(s) just completely Turned Her Off but I don’t bother pressing her about it because my Boss is right there. I put my dvds in my bag and totally judge this “friend.” I feel annoyed and disappointed in this person. I thought she was kewl.

Our “friendship” hasn’t been the same since.

Granted, it was already getting awkward between us before her Crime Against Cinema: we had recently gone out for drinks together with some other lady friends. Everyone got shitfaced/pregnant, except for my coworker-friend, who sat in the booth nibbling on the bag of cheez-its she brought, totally unamused by her sinful friends. It wasn’t a night where we would all bond and then happily relive the moments via tagged facebook photos. She probably thinks Im a trainspotter/alcoholic.

So she’s not dtp. That’s fine. She’s still down to talk about movies. But here’s the thing..

There have been very few movies I start to watch but choose not to finish because I just don’t care to. The only ones that I can think of are Lars von Bored’s Dogville, the Stupid French movie The Dreamers and some Tommy Lee Jones/Benicio del Toro action flick. But I try to give initially unenjoyable movies (eg Gus Van Sant’s Last Days) the benefit of the doubt, in hopes that itll be a worthwhile film once the whole thing is taken in (eg Gun Van Sant’s Last Days).

 So fine, walk out on SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2. And walk out on the movies just mentioned above. But wait to judge the Whole Package  when the issue is landmark films – Scarface, The Godfather movies, Billy Madison, TRAINSPOTTING, for example. There’s enormous praise for these movies for many reasons: well-written dialogue, noteworthy integration of music with visuals, shampoo/conditioner role playing,  impressive acting, laughter/tears, etc.

If you cant find humor in Renton and Sickboy’s hunting scene, amusement in Sickboy’s narcissism, relate to the male/female commentary discussed at the club, or for some odd reason you just don’t like watching Ewan’s wanker in action, then youre probably a boring person. And yes, that antecedent is affirmed. Modus Ponens, bitches. Cheers.

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